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KO Advantage is your source for information, inspiration and motivation to KO more sales. Learn a completely new way to approach sales that brings empathy and conversation to the table. No one is born a sales person. But sales can feel natural and genuine - while driving your business success - once you embrace the KO approach.

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Advertising, marketing and social media create interest. Sales create income.

Sales isn’t something that we DO to our clients, it is something we do WITH them. To sell is to embrace your passion for what you do while having more focused conversations. Focus the conversation and you will focus the outcome.

Kim speaks at events across North America sharing with business owners and entrepreneurs this revised way of thinking about sales.

Her courses, sales-minute videos, and weekly blog will empower you to take charge of your sales results. Do it right. Again and again.


Looking for an engaging speaker for your next event?

Kim isn’t your typical sales person. She’s a world traveller, a passionate influencer, and she’s changing the conversation around sales all over North America.

Kim's signature talks put the personal connection back into the sales cycle. Turn your one-to-many marketing leads into valuable one-on-one sales conversations. Companies such as Xerox and American Express have always featured themselves as the premium provider, now learn the secrets of sales from someone who worked for them.

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