Learn to sell more faster with the ONLY course built for entrepreneurs selling B2B high-value services.

KO Sales U is the most comprehensive course available to truly teach you the strategy and process on how to sell your high-value services specifically into businesses. Developed exclusively for entrepreneurs this course dives deep in areas that many others leave out.

Not all sales cycles are exactly alike. Not all sales courses are the same.

You wouldn't sit in a classroom for three days to learn how to play a sport, so why would you want to learn sales process the same way?

Sales is about practicing and applying your knowledge. That's why we developed a course that teaches new concepts and then immediately allows you the opportunity to apply it to your own sales cycles.

Knockout Content

The 10-week course will cover:

  • Customer Relationship Management Tools
  • Goal Setting & Sales Funnel
  • Customer Avatar & Prospecting
  • Value Proposition & Elevator Pitch
  • Cold Calls & Emails
  • Lead Qualification
  • Storytelling & Empathy
  • Client Value & Active Listening
  • Proposals & Objections
  • Pricing & Negotiation
  • Cross-selling & Follow up

Knockout Support

Every course offers the best ongoing support:

  • LIVE 90-minute courses being taught via Zoom to keep you productive with your day
  • Class sizes LIMITED to 5 students giving you the best student-to-teacher ratio and plenty of personal attention
  • Weekly Q&A sessions to allow you additional support with your new sales cycles ready to close
  • One-year from start date access to all content. Watch your classroom recordings. Give your staff access.
  • Weekly homework to download, apply your knowledge and get instructor feedback
  • Videos to review the highlights of each module
  • 10-weeks of content delivered over 12-weeks. Plenty of time to review and catch up, because life happens
  • Be a certified Sales Knockout!
  • GUARANTEED Results!*

Built For Entrepreneurs

Too many sales courses were built by former sales people teaching sales the way they were taught. They sequester you in a boardroom for three days claiming you will learn strategies. Most people leave feeling they learned a lot, and one month later can barely recall what they learned. How do you apply strategies you can't remember?

KO Sales U knows you are not a salesperson. You are an entrepreneur. You are passionate about your business, you just need sales skills.

Selling your own services is hard. Harder than selling something another company built. This is your baby. Use that love to help you sell.

Your time is valuable. If you're in a classroom for three days, who's bringing in the revenue? You need to be out there selling.

Learn a process that you can use for yourself, and your future employees. Because sales is only as good as the process that EVERYONE follows.

Guaranteed Results!

Every class offers a full guarantee. If you attend all classes, complete all homework assignments, peer role plays, and apply this to your prospect base, and you DO NOT receive your return on investment back by the end of the course, Kim Orlesky, The Leading Sales Coach, will personally work with you up to 3 months on a one-on-one basis. If by the end of the 3 months, you have completed Kim's one-on-one coaching program and Kim is still unable to help you close the deals you need to receive your initial return on investment, we'll give you $15,000! That's more than your initial investment!

We believe in our program, and feel confident that we can deliver results, and you should too!

How many other programs are willing to stand behind their training that much?

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Upcoming Class Start Dates

July 9 - Mondays - Filled!
August 8 - Wednesdays 2 Spots Left!
September 11 - Tuesdays
October 2 - Tuesdays

Only the highest potential entrepreneurs are accepted. Don't delay. Speak with someone today!

*Contact us to learn more about our results guarantee! But trust us, our students ACHIEVE sales success BEFORE the course is completed. How many other sales courses can say that?