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The ONLY Results Guaranteed program for selling premium services.

KO Sales U is the most comprehensive program to truly teach you the strategy and process on selling high-value services into businesses. Developed exclusively for business owners and entrepreneurs this program dives deep in areas that many others leave out.

Not all sales cycles are exactly alike. Not all sales courses are the same.

You wouldn't sit in a classroom for three days to learn a sport, so why would you learn sales the same way?

Education ≠ Application. Sales is about doing. That's why we developed a program that teaches concepts and then immediately provides you the opportunity to apply it to your own sales cycles.

Knockout Content

The 10-week program will cover:

  • Bonus Module: Customer Relationship Management Tools
  • Goal Setting & Sales Funnel
  • Buyer Persona & Prospecting
  • Value Proposition & Elevator Pitch
  • Cold Calls & Emails
  • Lead Qualification
  • Storytelling & Empathy
  • Client Value & Active Listening
  • Proposals & Objections
  • Pricing, Persuasion & Negotiation
  • Cross-selling & Follow up

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Knockout Support

Every program offers the best ongoing support:

  • The ONLY Program offering GUARANTEED Results!*
  • LIVE 90-minute classrooms taught via Zoom. Save travel time. Maximize your productivity.
  • LIMITED class sizes for quality student-to-teacher ratio and plenty of personal attention
  • Weekly Q&A sessions for additional support to answer all your sales questions
  • LIFETIME access to all content from start date. Replay classroom recordings. Give your team access.
  • Weekly homework with instructor feedback to test and apply your knowledge
  • Videos to review the highlights of each module
  • Minimum two weeks of breaks to give time to review and catch up, because life happens
  • Plus BONUS Module: Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Be a certified Sales Knockout!

Built For Business Owners

Most sales programs were built by former sales people teaching sales the way they were taught. You're sequestered in a boardroom for a day or three claiming you will learn everything you need.

Studies show after one day people forgot 70% of what was taught!

Why would you invest in a day-long or multi-day training course if you're going to forget shortly after learning it? Because that's the way it's always been done?

Until now.

KO Sales U knows you are not a salesperson. You are an entrepreneur. You are a passionate business owner. You don't need to become a sales person, you just need sales skills.

Your time is valuable. If you're in a classroom for three days, who's bringing in the revenue? You need to be out there selling.

Learn THE process that you can use for yourself and your employees.
Because sales is only as good as the process that EVERYONE follows.

Guaranteed Results!

Every class offers a full guarantee. If you attend all classes, complete all homework assignments, peer role plays, and apply this to your prospect base, and you DO NOT receive your investment back by the end of the program, Kim Orlesky, President of KO Advantage Group, will personally work with you up to 3 months FREE on a one-on-one basis. If by the end of the 3 months, you have completed Kim's one-on-one coaching program and Kim is still unable to help you close the deals you need to receive your initial return on investment, we'll give you $15,000!

How many other programs are willing to stand behind their training that much?

We believe in our program, and know we can deliver results. We want you to be confident you're making the best decision for your business.

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Upcoming Graduation and Class Start Dates

  • April 14 graduation when you start on January 28
    Tuesdays 9am MST/11am EST- 10:30am MST/1:30pm EST At Capacity!
  • May 14 graduation when you start on February 27
    Thursdays 1:30pm MST/3:30pm EST - 3pm MST/5pm EST At Capacity!
  • Don't miss out! 8 Spots Left!
    June 16 graduation when you start on March 31
    Tuesdays 11:30am MST/1:30pmEST - 1pm MST/3pm EST
  • Don't miss out! 8 Spots Left!
    July 16
    graduation when you start on April 30
    Thursdays 9am MST/11am EST- 10:30am MST/1:30pm EST
  • August 11 graduation when you start on May 26
    Tuesdays 9am MST/11am EST- 10:30am MST/1:30pm EST

Don't Delay! Classes typically fill up one month in advance!

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We believe all our student should value themselves as the premium service at a premium price, and as such we practice what we preach.

We share that value with you.

You asked, we provided!
Our newest investment plan: Payments set by you!

  1. Take 10% off when you pay all up front
  2. Finance the program fee of $5,250 at 10% APR with either minimal interest or low monthly payments

We know there are classes that say they do the same thing in a single day, or three.
We know there are less expensive programs out there.
We also know you're the type of person that does things right the FIRST time.
You would never open a 5-star restaurant and have a "bootcamp" chef train your staff.

It takes commitment to create amazing results. We're forming new habits and habits can only be developed over time.

We believe in you, in our program, and are the ONLY school willing to provide you GUARANTEED RESULTS.

You could choose do have your sales skills developed cheap and fast, or you could choose to have it done right.
But the bigger question is what will it cost you if you have to do it all over again?

Only the highest potential entrepreneurs are accepted. Don't delay. Speak with someone today!

*See our agreement for details on guaranteed results. But trust us, our students ACHIEVE sales success BEFORE the program is completed. How many other sales programs can say that?

Low Monthly Payments

Pay Over 6 Months Pay Over 7 Months Pay Over 11 Months
$900/mth + tax $775/mth + tax $501.40/mth + tax


Minimize Interest Payments

Pay Over 3 Months Pay Over 4 Months Pay Over 5 Months
$1780/mth + tax $1340/mth + tax $1077/mth + tax