Celebrate Canada Day With A Gift Of Nature


As I was driving home, there was a group of students standing at city hall protesting. They carried signs saying, β€œThere is no Planet B”, β€œWhat are you leaving your children?” and so on. I was brought to tears. I cried knowing this is the reality of what we are leaving our children and grandchildren with. And that did it for me.

Since starting KO Advantage I have always wanted to create a charitable gifting as a part of our company. At first I thought that the gifting had to align with what we do, such as Tom’s giving a pair of shoes back to students in Africa. But personally I have a HUGE heart for the environment.

Love Planet

It is with gratitude that today I announce we will be contributing 1% of all our profits to Nature Conservancy of Canada. This group uses donated funds to buy land dedicated to conservation efforts. They are considered the TOP Environmental Charity in Canada in terms of dollar donated going to efforts.

We will also be offering a matching program for our team and students, which will be announced in the coming months.

Thank you so much for helping our entrepreneurs succeed,
and now, ultimately the world πŸ’š
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