How to Get Customers to Chase After You With Codie Sanchez


“The best way to sell something is to be sought after yourself”- Codie Sanchez


How many businesses have you started? How many have you worked for? What kinds of products have you sold?

My guest this week, Codie Sanchez has done it all. She’s currently a speaker, writer, angel investor, and entrepreneur. Codie has also started several successful businesses and headed investment divisions. She’s talking with me about how she got into her projects, and what she’s learned from all of these experiences.

We’re getting into the importance of sales to companies and to improving the lives of people everywhere. We’re also talking about how to own your calendar so it doesn’t own you, what investors look for in a start-up, and how to get people to chase after you.

This is an amazing episode for all salespeople and entrepreneurs alike. Codie’s done it all and not afraid to give straight-talking advice!

“If you can fail hard, fast, and fail forward, you’re winning.”


  • Ask for what you want, and don’t be afraid to assume that you might get it.
  • Investors look at the personality and character of founders before they invest. More important than just a strong business idea is the strength of the founder.
  • Put together a business plan. Have something specific ready to share when you ask someone to invest in you.
  • Trust your gut. When you feel uncomfortable about a person off the bat, don’t disregard that feeling.
  • Don’t talk yourself out of a deal. After you make your sell, be silent instead of continuing to talk without saying anything or without thinking.
  • Get people to come to you, instead of you just coming after them to sell things all the time. Become an expert.
  • Have a process to keep you efficient and organized. As you add in more business and employees you will need this system to keep you sane.
  • Protect your time. If you don’t own your calendar, you won’t be in control of it and of your time.
  • Find the balance between consuming and creating, between thinking and doing.
  • Sales is the lifeblood of the organization. Without sales, the company can’t do anything.


Codie’s Blog, The Struggle Isn’t Real :
Twitter: @Codie_Sanchez
Instagram: @CodieSanchez

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