Connecting With Your Prospects


When you make the first move to approach a client, to raise awareness and present solutions to their problems, know that you’re on the right track.

It’s always exciting when clients reach out first. But with the preconceived information they have about the services and products we offer, some notions may be harder to correct than others. Of course, some who meet you with unrealistic expectations can have a huge impact on how the meeting ends.

When I worked for American Express, we had a Request For Process (RFP) system. It takes at least a week to put together. Basically, it asks questions about our products and services, then the price. It guides the conversation with clients; it calls for a more impactful conversation. However, RFPs sometimes boxes you your strategic approach.

You want to create more meaning fun conversations and connect on a deeper level with your clients. Your first and succeeding meetings serve as an opportunity to show what makes you different—why and how your products and services would help the client.

Whether you’re working with existing, new, and potential customers, make it a goal to genuinely connect with them.

Find out more about my experience with RFPs during my time at American Express and what our team eventually decided on regarding it—to keep the practice in our business process or let it go—in my new book: “Sell More. Faster.”

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