Creating A Conversation Starting Message


 Those who started in sales are well familiar with what an “elevator pitch” is. If you happen to wait and ride an elevator car with a CEO, you got less than 30 seconds to sell yourself and your business to convince them to meet with you. It’s a popular concept then, and it still is now; however, it has significantly evolved as time passed.

Now, sales experts have developed their version of elevator pitches. But regardless of how many elevator pitch ideas have ensued, the best elevator pitch still starts with a powerful question.

At KO Advantage Group, asking powerful questions to get powerful answers is a long-running theme of ours. That’s because when you ask the right questions, it ignites meaningful conversations--this is what we’re after when we make cold calls or “elevator pitches.”

Of course, you need to define your value proposition first before you come up with a good and logical question that will persuade your prospects to agree to a meeting. Ask open-ended questions--this type of questions generate answers beyond “yes” or “no.” It also incites conversations that can tell you what these potential clients’ problems are, and what kind of solutions they’re looking for.

I discussed this subject further in my Book,Sell More. Faster. There, I gave a tip on how you can think of powerful questions that can incite powerful answers quick. I shared an example of what type of conversation starters would make the other person ask you questions.

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