Effective Questions To Uncover Customers' Needs


“What goals would you like to achieve this year?”

Don't you think it’s better to start every conversation in a positive note? Well, actually, it is better. Instead of asking about their problems, the issues they face each day, and the roadblocks that hinder them from success, try approaching your client meetings in an optimistic manner.

Ask about the goals they want to achieve this year, the target revenue they aim to reach, and their aspirations. This way you’re steering the meeting in a positive light. Think about it. It’s easier and more comfortable to talk about things like this compared to challenges.

Other businesses or entrepreneurs tend to work the conversation around the client’s problems, what went wrong with their operations, or whatnot. This line of thinking and approach to client meetings is what separates you, a premium value provider, from everyone else. Instead of focusing on their pain points, you help them set their mentality on achieving their goals. As a result, you end up with discussions about opportunities, growth, goals, and success.

Of course, it’s important to remain open in talking about the problems they have. You’re not crossing that out of the agenda. You’re merely shifting the discussion to a more positive and goal-oriented direction. Knowing their goals early on can help you strategize on how you can help them reach it faster.

How about you, how do you approach your client meetings? I want to know your thoughts. Share them below!

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