Harness Your Emotion To Have Powerful Conversation


Sales meetings are more than just business deals. Yes, you’re selling B2B products and services, but beyond that, you’re injecting emotion into the conversation. Without it, how will you connect with your prospects or customers?

Customers make their purchasing decisions based on situation, information, and emotion. The logical part of the sales process is important, but in the end, emotion can drive sales. This is why we ask questions that determine how they feel, such as “How would you feel if we accomplish this goal?”

I see a big red flag when people who come to me claim they despise talking about emotions. I think that mindset is what hinders them from selling more deals. Emotional selling is an excellent way to connect with your clients in a deeper sense. Don't be afraid to talk about how they feel about their business because that can ultimately lead you to achieve better results.

Regardless of what you’re selling and who you’re talking to, know that people’s purchasing decisions are based on feelings. Appeal to the heart as much as the head to increase your sales.

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