How To Plan Productive & Effective Meetings


When you agree for a meeting, do you already have an idea what it will be about? Because if you’re only agreeing willy-nilly, without a clear goal of what you want to discuss, that could end up as wasted time.

When you set a meeting or agree to meet with someone, there should be an “intention,” a purpose. What do you both want to get out of that?

There should be a reason why you’re both clearing your schedule to agree on a place and time to talk. Because if you have an agenda in mind on what you will discuss in the meeting, you’ll end up with a meaningful conversation; a productive encounter.

Going into a meeting blindfolded will lead you roaming around aimlessly. If you don't know where you’re heading, then what’s the point? Before you agree on a time and place, make it a habit to ask what will it be about. Because when you lay cards on the table, you’re far more likely to reach your goals faster.

Of course, you want to come in prepared for the encounter, which is why you need to have a clear plan in mind. You want to walk towards your client with a purpose and approach them with an intention—to work with them and to listen to them.

The next time you get invited to meet, ask what it’s for. And when you intend to set a meeting with a prospect, tell them what it’s about. This is what you’ve been working to be the best at—to sell. Sell them your intention.

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