Know Where You Are


When meeting with prospects, are you the type of salesperson who gets in control of the conversation? Or is it the prospects that lead the meeting? Early on in the process, you have to establish your role to avert the classic case of the “blind leading the blind.”

I had a client before who went up to me to ask for help in closing her deals. But not long after, she decided she doesn’t need it since she was caught in a sales cycle which she thought will close soon.

Sadly, that day eventually turned to months, four months to be exact. For four months, the prospect has yet to sign the deal. Because of that, this person got in contact with me again to ask for negotiation strategies to encourage the prospect to finally commit.

Upon talking to her, we found the root cause of her predicament. Now, I’m not going to spill all the details here. But the bottom line is, you need to know where you are in the sales cycle and acquire all information needed about the prospect to help guide them through the process and convert.

What do you do when you get lost or find your case with a lot going on up in the air? You ask questions.

With this, allow me to help you discover the answers. Learn more about how you can do this in my new book: Sell More. Faster.


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