KO Testimonial: Anita Lee


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“Thank you” messages always melts my heart. Like the recent message I got from Anita Lee.

I just wanted to send over a thank you. I'm finding that I'm improving with each meeting and role play and not even just in sales but also in my communications in personal relationships. I had a great meeting with a prospect today and when asked if I could send over a proposal I said that it would be best for us to get together again so that I could learn more about the prospects unique situation and business better before developing a customized solution for them. I have a number of prospects right now who may lead up to the proposal stage in the coming weeks and I have been catching up on prospecting this week to get more meetings booked as well. The the course is ending pretty soon!


It’s fulfilling to know that the course helped her become a better seller. For instance, when a prospect asked if she could send over a proposal, she insisted they set a meeting so she could have a good understanding of the client’s situation, allowing her to come about with a more tailored and effective proposal.

This is something I’m really proud of--knowing that our course is elevating people’s career and personal lives. Testimonials like this are what motivates me to continue helping more people become better at what they do.

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