KO Testimonial: Cameron Sterling


Doesn’t it feel amazing to see your child learn how to ride a bike on their own? That’s exactly how I feel with my latest testimonial from Cameron, Managing Director in Engineering Quality Control.

Learn Bike

Just made another call and had to let you know – moved the discussion from about a 5 to an impending deal at about a 9/10!  …simply by making it more personal and asking how they feel about their work and about how they would feel if outsourcing freed up some of their time to do more things.  This will likely result in a retainer and ongoing monthly service arrangement with them.It's like magic or something

Cameron took my advice on how to approach client conversation and make it more meaningful. I suggested to go to a more empathic road, ask about how they feel. That one change helped extract more valuable responses from the clients.

Asking for the client’s feelings about their business helped Cameron close the deal, without even bringing up the budget talk! Another real-life application of making sales conversations more personal helped Cameron get a quality lead.

For this deal, he expects to close in a retainer and a monthly service arrangement. You see, injecting a tinge of empathy and genuine sincerity in sales discussions can help generate leads and conversions. Being human, instead of sounding like a walking sales pitch, is the best way to make a sale.

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