Making Connections


I want to talk about making connections. Whether you're out and about for a short vacation or a business trip, make sure that you're making conversation with people that you can connect with anywhere you go.

Why? Well, for one, it makes your trip a lot more meaningful. Secondly, you'll never know where these connections can lead you.

Reaching out and establishing a relationship with people has never been so easy. Thanks to LinkedIn, Facebook; and friends and clients, meeting new people and connecting with them is easy as pie. Case in point, when I was in Vancouver, I had a pleasant conversation with a gentleman who then told me he'd connect me with other people. It's quite amazing, isn't it?

Remember, genuine connections and relationship-building comes smoothly and easily in face-to-face interactions. So, whenever you get the chance, say "hi" to some people. You'll never know where it might lead unless you make a move.

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