Managing Your Own Emotions


When I first started in sales, the very first thing I was told to learn and develop was to have a “tough skin.” In our industry, rejections are rampant and inevitable--and not to be taken personally.

Remember your first heartbreak or rejected job interview? Isn’t the first thing that crossed your mind after you collected yourself was, “what could I have done better?” Afterwards, you take the time to improve your physical appearance or overall attitude, right? This was no different in corporate sales.

When clients don't want to speak to me or call off the meeting, I keep asking myself if I said or did something wrong. Every time I get rejected, it felt like someone punched me in the gut.

But then I realized that every time I get rejected, it started reflecting on how I deliver my proposal or talk to clients. I was letting emotion get ahold of me, which was a big no-no in this industry.

That’s why and when I had to learn how to grow a thick skin and toughen up. And it’s true, it helps. Come to think about it, they’re saying “no” to the timing, not to me or the proposal. This was when I learned not to let my emotions ride my energy.

I started doing things that elevated the feeling of rejection. Want to know how I managed to soldier through? Grab a copy of my book, Sell More. Faster. Here’s to closing more deals and managing emotions!


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