Marketing Is Flirting. Sales Is Dating.


 Someone went up to me before and said: “If sales is like dating, that means marketing is flirting.”

Nailed it! That’s exactly how marketing and sales work!

Let’s say you sign yourself up on an online dating app. You write a catchy bio with a nice hook to get people curious about you; to get them to reach out or the other way around. Then, you exchange a few flirtatious words and agree to meet on a date.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully presented yourself that someone found you too delightful they had to meet you. Now, the make it or break it part is here—dating.

When you go on dates, you put your best foot forward—dressing up pleasingly and being your best self. It’s not too different from sales. You start with the introduction, followed by the getting-to-know-you phase, then building the relationship, and eventually, the proposal stage. And when the contract is signed, you and your client have found yourselves in a business union.

Now, this is where most marketers fail because they tend to sell themselves hard, rather than understand what their client is looking for.

Communication is a two-way street. You ask questions, and you get answers. It’s a give and take process. That’s what we do in sales. We ask our prospects what they need, what their problem is. They tell us what it is, then we help them find or create solutions for it. It’s a highly collaborative business.

Getting into the headspace that you’re going on a date instead of a sales meeting puts you more at ease. Don't shy away from romancing your clients. Professionally. Be honest and have a clear purpose laid out on the table. You don't want to waste your time on people who aren’t into you, do you?

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