Meet Your Clients Where They ARE and Sell More Faster!


How do you know if you’re talking to a “Decision Maker” or “Influencer” when navigating the sales cycle?



You might as well know how and whom to connect with when making cold calls and cold emails to potential clients.

When making the call or writing the email, tailor your pitch specifically for the prospect/s. These can be both the Decision Maker and Influencer—but ultimately, you draft the pitch with the Decision Maker in mind. This person has the final say in the deal and the one will give you the signature!

On one hand, the Influencer can be as involved, if not more, and you’ll often work with them throughout the process. They’ll provide the information you need and disseminate the meeting details up to the chain. Be attentive as you may confuse them as the Decision Maker.

Bear in mind that it's still important that you build a strong foundation with both these people as well as with other possible individuals involved in the decision.

Position yourself in the sales cycle accordingly. The Decision Maker and Influencer may work hand in hand, but the earlier you determine who makes the final decision, the easier and faster you can sail the sale.

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