Presenting Solutions To Your Clients


When you dine at a restaurant and look at their 8-page menu, doesn’t it feel overwhelming?

This situation is no different when you’re presenting solutions to clients.

When you’re selling your products or services to prospects and clients, we present them a couple of solutions that best solve their problems. No more than three recommendations suffice. Giving them more than three options can throw them off balance.

Providing them with enough options is to your leverage because now they’re given the illusion of choice.

Sure, your recommendations are slightly different. On the one hand, you have a full platinum solution. On the other hand, you have a slightly modified secondary option. The client will then decide which option best fulfills their need. It’s not about which one packs the best features; it’s about what the client needs. It’s about their choice.

Presenting two or three slightly different solutions to clients can help them decide faster. They’ll find it easier to compare and eventually, decide. So long as you offer them options that will surely satisfy their business needs and goals.

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