Putting Together The Proposal


Hooked up to the last slide. And all you’ll ever need are 6 slides to seal the deal!

More specifically, six straightforward slides that should contain all the significant information your prospects should know. Six slides that will illustrate where they are and where they should be in the big picture.


Slide 1: Goals

First things first, get into the same page: what are their goals? Having the same goals in mind and reminding them this will make them say “yes!” immediately. That’s what we want to achieve: to get their attention right away.

Slide 2: Current State

Show them where they are from the get-go. If they’re currently struggling, this should be easy for you to show how you can help “fix” what’s broken. If they’re doing okay, for now, demonstrate what bad could happen in the next 3 or 6 months. Make them yearn for a change. Make them need you.

Slide 3: Ideal State

This is where you showcase your impact as a business owner, entrepreneur, or sales knockout to your client. I want you to demonstrate how big they will miss out if they pass on the chance of working with you.

Slide 4: Solution

Lay down the possibilities for them. Point out where they stand in the grand scheme of things with a few hints on how you can help lead them there.

Slide 5: Timeline

This one is vital for the project’s movement. Show them where you’ll be every step of the ladder to their goals. They have to make a decision today or in two weeks, this is the part where you instill this thought in their heads. You have to exude a sense of urgency without being aggressive, all the while bearing an open mind.

Slide 6: Return on Investment

For your last slide, discuss the ROI and the steps you both have to take to achieve that. This is where you break down your timeline in snackable pieces they can easily digest.


Play your cards right--in this case, your slides. Spell out your proposal to your clients in bite-sized content that aligns with their goals.

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