Sell First, Create Later!


Ever get those days where you’re just unsure as to how to set up a program that teaches, educates, and most importantly, one that would sell to your clients? Admit it, we’ve all been there!

I was working with an entrepreneur client recently and she was struggling how to curate a package that does just that for her clients. My advice to her was this: “sell first, create later.” I mean, if you don't woo the client to getting your product or service, what use is your program?

Suddenly, that hit her with a flood of visual thinking.

Her reason for struggling was spending so much time trying to create when she has no idea yet who the customer is, what their conundrums are, and what the overall situation is. There is no single all-around solution to different situations. Every circumstance is different which requires an individualized response and solution.

If you want to create something that your clients will resonate with, find out your ideal prospects then sell your idea first. Provide them 3 to 5 things that you can deliver to them once they purchase your package. At this time, they’ll discuss with you what their situation is and what’s important to them.

Once they buy into your service or products and they know that you can deliver, that’s the time you start your creation process. This way, the program is tailor-made for them which in turn makes them feel that you’re committed to handing down the best service.

This should also open the opportunity to work with them more closely, making them more involved in the process. It’s a win-win for both you and your client whether you’re working in business or corporate, business to business or business to consumer.

Stop stressing and overwhelming yourself figuring out what to create. Sell your service or product first to your prospects, then create a quality program best suited for them.

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