Why You Shouldn't Continue to Give To Your Client


As salespeople, entrepreneurs, and small business owners we give do often that it can hurt. We're giving value and giving what we can, but sometimes we have a hard time getting something in return.

Don't give away so much value that you never move forward in the negotiation. Ensure you are getting something in return before awarding everything. By asking the client to give you something back, whether that be the final negotiation date, a testimonial down the line, you need to keep the relationship on par. By getting something in return you will be sure to move to the close faster and get more revenue for you and your company.

Kim Orlesky is an international speaker, two-time author, awarded most inspirational blogger by Success Magazine, and The Leading Sales Coach for entrepreneurs and small businesses. As Vice President of the Change Your Results! team, she helps companies create a sales process and ask the right questions at the right time in order to immediately achieve consistent revenue streams in only a short time.


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