The BEST Question I Ask EVERY Prospect


We have to customize our questions for each individual prospect and customer, however the introductory questions are often the same.

During one of my recent AMA (ask me anything) Sales hosted on my Facebook Live feed every Monday at 12pm MST I was recently asked what my favourite introductory question is.

I love asking my prospects and my clients, "Where do you see yourself in 6 months (or a year from now or 3 years)?"

By understanding better what your customer's goals are you can better tie in the challenges they may face to achieve that goal with how your product or service will help them get there faster, easier, or cheaper.

Understand where your customer wants to be in the future and you will continue to have the most productive conversation that is focused around your customer's needs.

Video: 1:49


What's your favourite question to ask a new prospect?

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