The Buyer’s Journey: Collaborate


After the prospect evaluates the options they have, they start to weigh in and compare the best solutions they have. This third stage in the buyer’s journey is called the collaboration phase. 

This is where the prospect finally opens up and talks about what they’re looking for to fix or improve their business. They’ll also share their thoughts as to how they believe it will change their business for the better. 

If you sense that the prospect isn’t being completely honest with you at this point of the journey, you get to decide whether or not you still want to push through and woo them, or shift your attention to helping those who you feel align more with your principles and services. 

I say this because in the collaboration stage, honesty should lead the conversation. You should feel the client open up their issues, hesitations, and expectations to you. This is also an opportunity for you to start asking questions. No matter how difficult the questions are and how even more difficult the responses are to hear, both you and the client should be transparent.

Collaboration means finding the best solution for the client together. After all, you share the same objective--to help clients reach their goals faster. 

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