The Buyer’s Journey: Seek a Solution


As previously mentioned in one of my blog posts, the buyer's journey has five stages: awareness, seeking a solution, collaboration, decision, and experience. Customers go through these phases when looking for a particular product or service.

Since we’ve briefly discussed the awareness stage before, let’s move on to the next: seeking a solution.

The awareness stage gets your foot in the door. However, that doesn't mean you have a "done" deal. Instead, it's the start of making conversations to get to know the prospects and the solution they believe you can offer them.

During this stage, know that the prospect is likely inquiring with several vendors, not just you. This is where they'll start comparing prices, packages, time investment, and reviews. When you start communicating with prospects, don't assume that what they're for the cheapest or the fastest solution, and don't push them too hard. You need to understand their problem to address the right solutions that best support their business goals.

In this stage, you have to know where your business stands, where you excel at, and where you compete — knowing your strengths and how your business model fares are your edge against your competitors. You need to continuously talk to your prospects, entertain their problems, address it with the right solutions, listen to them, and collaborate on how you can resolve their dilemma together.

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