The Buyer's Journey: The Challenge


When the prospect starts collaborating with you to help them figure out how to fix their business troubles, expect the next stage of the journey to be a little tricky—the “challenge” stage. 

Don’t be mistaken. This is a good signal that you’re moving forward. It’s just that the prospect will begin firing you with questions or objections to challenge your expertise, recommendations, and your budding client-business relationship. This means you have high chances at closing the deal.

This is a crucial stage for the prospect. While they’re close to going with your business to solve their problem, they’re still on the fence about whether to push through. They’ll start asking questions about the cost, your credentials, and time period before they see improvements and ROI, among others. But most of all, they want to assure that you’ll be there for them throughout the journey, highs and lows. 

Once you overcome and address their biggest, burning questions, the next step is to give them that slight nudge to finally close the deal. 

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