The Cost of a Call


How many cold calls have you done in the past week? If your tally is getting lower, it’s time to sit down and start making calls.

Statistics show that 92% of all client interactions start over the phone. Moreover, roughly 8 out of every 10 people that you speak on the phone said “yes” to purchasing a product or service one way or another. Whoever said cold calling is dying clearly doesn’t know how to speak sales.

Think about it. Regardless of what you’re selling, if you were to call someone for the first time and they agree to meet with you, chances are they’re interested in what you’re offering, and that meeting could lead to a sale. And that’s all from a single cold call.

If the person at the end of the phone is ready to say “yes,” would you let that opportunity go to a competitor? This is why you should make more calls.

Next time you get a new connection on LinkedIn or befriend a potential prospect at a conference, pick up your phone and give them a quick call. Who knows that the solution to their dilemma is carried out by your cold call.

If you’re not making the calls, your competitors might be getting all the money on the table. For more tips and advise, grab a copy of my eBook, Sell More. Faster. to find out how you can use cold calling to initiate more meetings.

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