The Heart Knows What The Head Needs


So I got asked something that lingered in my head a while recently. Someone who attended my event walked up to me and said, “Kim, you talk so much about empathy when it comes to the sales cycle.”

Empathy is a powerful leadership trait and it’s what separates effective leaders from the not-so-amazing ones, given that this raw feeling comes naturally. Don’t you want to ‘click’ with your client on a different level? 

Take mothers for example. They almost always know what’s best because they listen to their hearts. They’re not afraid to show and listen to what they feel. Admit it, you’ve had one or more occasions where you’re baffled by how right your mom or wife was.

This may be hard to talk about especially if we’re working with B2B clients because often times thinking alone just won’t cut it. “I think…” but what about what you feel? Props to your analytical skills but empathy is a soft skill that is just as important.

Putting your heart in sales can help in further understanding and resolving what’s at hand. You want to make it a goal that you and your client can both feel so much joy in accomplishing your goals together. Showing them how much you genuinely care about them and their business will make them want to work with you.

Get into their emotions, what they feel, what their hearts say, and this shall lead you to deliver the service and solutions they need. To feel what your clients feel—empathy—improves your engagement and collaborative process which then leads you to become a sales knockout.  

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