The Person You Should Be Calling On


How can you make better business-to-business cold calls?

If you are typically calling on people at a certain level in an organization, such as HR or procurement, try going even higher. Who is the decision maker that signs the agreement? Usually the person that signs the contract is the decision maker, although this isn't always the case, but a majority of the time it is.

Whomever that person is, that should be your first-level call when cold calling a business. Is that the Vice President of Finance, the CEO, the President, or someone else?

In the event they push you back down to the position of contact that you typically deal with, all the better. Ask the person to loop back with them after you've collected the information you need to move the sales cycle forward. This gives you an opening into the person that you would have defaulted to call, and an opening to go back to the decision maker when the time is right to propose a solution.

By going directly after the decision maker in the first call, you are able to close the sales cycle faster and make sales sooner.

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Who do you typically call on when placing cold calls? Will you be calling on anyone different?

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