The Pricing Strategy That Works


How do you price your services or work? Do you charge per hour or on a per project basis?

I almost always get this question. And my stand about it is this: Price yourself according to how it fits in your clients’ big picture.

Pricing strategy is something you need to think about carefully. Some tasks can be charged per hour, but there are some that make better sense charging per project. Case in point: projects you developed that increased your client’s revenue to a large percentage. if you price per hour rather than per project, that can amount to peanuts on your end.

If you want to start a business, pricing yourself on a per project basis is more ideal since businesses don't charge on an hourly performance. There are projects that take a long time to finish and there are those that can be accomplished on or before the deadline.

You don't want to sacrifice the quality of your work or performance because of time pressure. When you understand what the work entails and how you ought to approach it, you’ll know how to price yourself.

You have to take a few steps back and get a clear view of how big the goal is. What you do for your clients serves a bigger purpose and there are cases where its impact is set for the long run.

At the end of the day, it’s not about how many hours it took you to complete the project, it’s about what your client can do with your output; how profitable it can be on their end—and that’s because of your contribution.

You want to give 100% to your clients. Always. And in every way you can. You’d want to help them improve and create something that should serve them good for the long haul. Otherwise, what’s your purpose?

Price yourself accordingly to the grand scheme of things. This should help you sell more. Faster.

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