The Puppy Dog Close


Are you currently working on your closing skills? This is the moment you've worked so hard for, it's only apt that you develop an effective strategy or style for closing deals. 

One of the closing styles I know and recommend is the "puppy dog" close. This is based on an old narrative of one family that went into a pet store to look for puppies. Both the mom and dad think the whole family's not ready, but the pet owner said they can take the puppy for a night and see how it goes. If it doesn't work out, they can always bring the puppy back.

Nobody ever brings the puppy back to the store. 

See, the family got to take home the puppy first, but they still need to pay for the puppy since they liked. However, they always have the option to return it if it doesn't work out. 

The thing with the puppy dog close is it's all about getting your client to say "yes" to the smallest things first. Then, you build up from there. You don't need to give away your services for free. You just need to establish the conditions up front and be very clear about what the client should expect. 

It's better that they try your service and think it over rather than nothing at all. You've reached this stage, and you're around 80% confident that all will turn out well, and of course, you're confident about your service. The chances are high that it will go according to plan.

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