How To Build Powerful Network Using LinkedIn and Other Social Media


Social media networks are more than just platforms for connecting with loved ones and updating your friends or followers with what’s going on with your life. Social media also plays an important role in growing your business. It can help you generate quality leads and build a relationship with potential and existing clients based on trust.

LinkedIn has been the go-to business-to-business social network for entrepreneurs and professionals alike. It has made connecting with other people easier, from learning about someone’s professional background to building business relationships with.

In the same vein, the convenience LinkedIn brings also makes it easier to ignore requests.

When you use LinkedIn, use it with the intention of getting right into business--building your profile for brand awareness, reaching out for introductions, and connecting to do business.

This takes a lot of time, effort, and patience. You need to build your authority and credibility with posts, updates, and engagement. This is how you build a network. This is how you find prospects; and how clients find you.

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