Understanding the Emotional Intelligence of the Client Conversation


"People will forget what you did. You'll forget what they said. But they will never forget how you made them feel."

These are wise words from the American poet and civil rights activist, Maya Angelou. It’s true, isn’t it? How people made us feel, that’s unforgettable. We can spout sales pitches from hours on end, and the client might take that as gobbledygook. But if we touch their hearts, if we dig deeper, if we get more personal, that’s how we can make them respond. That’s how we can connect and start a relationship with a client.

One of the things we discuss in KO Sales U is understanding the emotional intelligence of the client conversation. Are you treating your client more or less than when they entered the meeting? Are they more excited, less enthusiastic, or more confident about the meeting?

The only way to know the answer to these questions is to ask them. Don't be afraid to get a little bit personal with your meetings, because that’s your edge against your competition. Ask them questions like, “How would you feel about reaching your business’ goals?”

Sales is much like dating. You wouldn’t want to date someone who makes you feel less. This goes the same for your clients. They don't want to work with someone who will make them and their business feel less. In sales, we call this “don't call your baby ugly.”

Your role is not to point out their flaws, but help them build up their confidence and help them understand that we can always do and be more. When you make your clients feel this way, that they can do more and be better, they’ll never forget that.

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