Using Holidays To Creatively Capture An Unexpected Market


How do you get creative with your promotions and ads?

Take a look at the calendar and look at the upcoming events. Think outside of the norm. It's easy to come up with examples of great promos if you are selling jewelry and the upcoming event is mother's day. But perhaps you are selling something that doesn't always make sense around the holidays and special occasions.

For instance, with sales coaching, how would you create a promotion around the same mother's day or father's day holiday?

It would be easy to dismiss the day entirely, but where would be the fun in that? Companies that think creatively are likely to separate themselves from the crowd and get noticed.

When I thought creatively about sales coaching and mother's day I associated mother's day with children, which brought me to my creative solution: Negotiation tactics that work on your children (and your clients). (Love it? See me at ATB Entrepreneur Centre).

When you create something that's a little bit off the wall, people love that!

It's far too easy to sell in the same way to the same people. Take a look at what you have to offer and look at it differently and creatively.

Look at the calendar 2 or 3 months in advance and take your product and ask yourself what can you do different to market it creatively?

What creative promotions or advertising can you create for the next upcoming holiday?

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