What If They're Mean?


Doing cold calls can be daunting at first. Apart from the fear of stumbling over your words, there’s that fear of rejection that sits on the back of your head. Well, let me ask you something: have you ever answered a call and started yelling or swearing before the person on the other line even got to speak? I highly doubt it.

When you start making calls and start doing it frequently, you’ll realize that people are incredibly friendly. Some will let you speak and go on with your pitch, which can eventually become a lead. While there are those who aren’t interested but are polite enough to thank you for calling them.

What’s so scary about that? Think about it. Have you ever received a cold call that offered your products and services, which you’re not interested in, and your immediate response was something out of anger or annoyance?

Bury this unreasonable fear and start approaching each call with a positive outlook. And what should you do if you ever call someone like that?

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