Give and Take Negotiations


At one point or another, a prospect or a client will ask more from you to close the deal. It happens, which is why there are some positions in companies built for this job role. The fact is, some people loves to negotiate, often asking for more. In your career as an entrepreneur or a sales person, this will happen.

The best way to prepare for this is to plan. Take time to anticipate all the possible outcomes before you step into the boardroom and seal the deal.

AS a premium service provider, chances are you’ll present well and close with your asking price without negotiations. But there are times where you’ll experience that, and it could be because of two things. And when you’re faced with that, you’ll be asking yourself two important questions that can make or break the deal.

Whatever case, it’s always best to anticipate the events and be prepared in a give and take negotiation tactic.

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