Teams That Sell More. Faster.

Training for sales teams used to be reserved only for the largest companies. Training would cost the equivalent of an individual rep's annual salary. A trainer would be flown in for a couple days to teach your staff how to theoretically navigate a high-impact sales cycle in only a few hours. Sales skills would be challenged and your already defined process would be refined and slightly adjusted. Assuming you already have a process. Costs would skyrocket if your team needed to be flown across the country, hotel rooms booked, and offsite locations secured. You ask your staff to ignore their clients while they are busy learning how to serve them better. 

The worst part? The average person retains only 15% of the information they learn from these sessions.

The world has changed. We have more to do with less time to do it in. Technology is more prevalent. Let's use the tools to ENHANCE our productivity and learning, not hinder it.

And while we're at it, we're changing the way sales training is taught and delivered too.

Technology Enhanced Training

Sales training doesn't have to be performed in a classroom anymore. Your sales reps need to be out in the field. Let's bring sales training to where your reps are, instead of brining your sales reps to the training.

Using the power of online classrooms, like Zoom, we set up a private classroom for your team and individuals to log in and participate. Video helps to maintain a high level of engagement and keeps your team laser-focused on succinct modules.

Dedicated online classroom portals house all your customized training materials and allows your staff to return to it time and again to maintain high levels of comprehension. Let's maximize your training investment!

Hours of Training. 90-Minutes at a Time.

Only 10-15% of information is ever retained by the student. For the average 3-day classroom this means your sales team may remember as much of 3 hours of content. 3 hours! That's a terrible return on investment!

We created a training that actually works.

Delivered over 90-minute sessions over 10 weeks KO Sales U for Teams is built for comprehension of content. Learn a concept. Try it out. Come back and built on it.

Learning is best when applied. When we give your teams the time to practice what they learn you can watch your sales teams Sell More. Faster. while they are still in the training. How many other courses can say that?

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Maximize Your Investment

Being given handouts is one thing. Being given access to phone apps, videos, slides, homework, and chat rooms is another.

Worksheets are filled out, and can be printed by the individual reps, giving them their own personal playbook. Questions, cold email scripts, and prospecting tips, written by each rep ensures authenticity and planning that works for each person. Genuine interest is not something that can be mimicked. We give you the map, and you decide which route suits each rep best. 

Ensure your team is continuously learning and reviewing by going back through covered materials. Your investment will thank you!

Sales Processes That Convert

The best sales teams have a process they can implement and follow. With KO Sales U we will define the steps needed in the sales process so you can have more cash flow predictability. And who doesn't want to know what deals are coming in and when? Prepare to sky rocket your business!

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